Sad Puppy Eyes vs. Already Made Plans

by Jenny Eder on June 4, 2011

in Dog,Pet Tips

Puppy Dog Eyes

Separation Anxiety

Does your pet make it difficult for you to leave?  Don’t let the sad puppy eyes keep you from your plans.  Here are several tips that may help both your pets as well as yourself from suffering from unnecessary stress before and while you are away.

1.    Before leaving, take your dog for a walk.  Once back give your dog some food and water.  The walk will help to make your pet feel more relaxed and your pet will enjoy your time together before having to leave.

2.    Try to avoid making your departure a big deal.  While it is alright to say goodbye to your pet it is best to do so before actually leaving.  Prior to leaving try to avoid touching or talking with your pet.  This helps to show your dog that it is alright if you are not always around.

3.    Try to avoid making a big deal about your return as well. Say hello to your dog when you return but try to maintain the idea that your time away was acceptable.  Eventually your pet will learn that a little time away was not all that bad.

4.    Lead by example.  Your pet knows you and your behavior helps your pet to know how to behave.  If you are calm, assertive and confident in assuring your pet that they will be alright than  your pet will be reassured not to worry and will behave as you expect them to behave.

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