About Us

Family-Run Business for 3 Generations!

It all started when a small piece of land in Finneytown caught William Eder Sr.’s eye.  This land, which purpose had originally been for a small family farm with chickens and horses was later developed into a kennel for dogs. The original Eder Kennels was operated for over 30 years, with the help of William Eder’s wife and three children, on the corner of Winton and Hempstead until it closed in the early 1970s.  After the kennel had closed the farm was developed into one of Finneytown’s first shopping centers which is still owned and operated by the Eder family.

In 1989 William Eder III and Elizabeth Eder reopened the kennel in Pleasant Run after they had moved into the farm house located on the property. This property had been bought by the Eder family in the early 1950s and became an alternate kennel site run by William Eder Sr.’s brother. The new location was made up of two buildings with individual indoor and outdoor runs and later expanded with the addition of a new building that is attached to a historic 80 year-old barn.  This addition is now primary building for the kennel.

“History and longevity makes Eder Kennel’s service unique. We aren’t just caring for your pet as a business; we’re caring for your pet as a family tradition. Which is why we care for yours, just like they’re ours.”

Farm in the 1950's

Eder Kennels location in the 1950's