About Your Pet’s Stay

Verification of vaccinations is required.
For your protection, as well as our other guests.

Here are some frequently asked questions about your pet’s stay:

What vaccinations are required?
Bordetella, DHLPP and Rabies.

What is Bordetella and how often is my pet required to be vaccinated?
Canine cough virus vaccine is required by most boarding kennels, and is recommended for dogs who are in contact with other dogs. It is an upper respiratory disease that causes severe coughing and is highly contagious.  This booster is required to help maintain your pet’s immunity and should be given every 6 months or yearly depending on your veterinarian’s recommendation.

How often is DHLPP vaccine required?
The Canine distemper vaccine requires and annual booster to maintain your pet’s immunity.

How often is the Rabies vaccine required?
Rabies vaccine should be given every 1 or 3 years depending on your veterinarian’s recommendation to maintain your pet’s immunity.

Should I bring anything with my pet?
It is fine if you would like to bring, bedding or toys.

Is there anything that I should not bring?
Soft latex toys or toys with squeakies, bells or buttons, because these can be choking hazards. Keep in mind that your pet may tear or chew on bedding or toys which for your pet’s safety, may have to be removed or disposed of.

What type of feed will you give my pet if I decide not to bring my own?
We use Pedigree and/or Purina pet foods unless otherwise provided and noted.  These dog foods are popular and work well with most diets.

What is the feeding schedule?
We feed your pets a hardy helping dog food in the morning and then if appears to be needed we will give your pet more in the evening.  We are also willing to work with you to insure that your pets feeding schedule and amount is followed just as it would be if they were at home.

What if my pet takes medication?
We will be happy to administer your medication with the exception of injections.

What if there is bad weather?
Because we have indoor runs your dogs are able to come in and out as they please unless it is at night or during bad weather such extremely high or low temperatures and/or storms.  The kennel is heated and has air conditioning to ensure that your pet is comfortable no matter the season

Can we visit the kennel?
If you would like to visit our kennel you are permitted to come within the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.  We would be happy to give you a tour.