Man’s Best Friend, Could You Lend Me Some Energy?

by Jenny Eder on June 6, 2011

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Running Dog

Does your dog always seem to be hyper?  It’s hard enough to get work down as it is and a pets running around and jumping only make it more difficult.  Here are some solutions that my help your rowdy dog to become more well- behaved.


1.     Take your dog for a walk or play with your pet.  These activities not only give your pet exercise but a chance to release the energy that your dog has built up.  After your walk and your play time it will be a lot easier for both you and your dog to relax or get work down.

2.    Try to not pay attention to your pet’s hyper behavior.  A lot of dogs are trying to get your attention the best way they know how to. The more you acknowledge this behavior the more likely they are to continue to act this way because they are getting what they want, your attention.

3.    Distract your dog with tasks.  Giving your pet a job or something to do will help to redirect his energy into doing the task that you have given them.

4.    Pets react through scent.  Just as aromatherapy works for you, a calming scent may have the ability to work for your canine as well.  Scents like lavender and vanilla often help calm not only you but your dogs too!  Just be careful of what methods you use to release the scent because it may be too much for your pet to handle.

5.    See how you are acting.  Your pet can often feed off of your energy.  If you are not calm then chances are your pet is not as well.  Try to make sure that your pet knows that this is not play time.  You can do this by showing your canine that you are relaxed, confident and do not appear nervous or hyperactive.

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