I Love You, Fido. But Not Your Breath!

by Jenny Eder on June 5, 2011

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Up Close and personal

Everyone needs to practice good dental care and so does man’s best friend, your dog!  Here are several tips to keep you and your dog close without you having to hold your breath because of theirs.

1.    Pet has never received a dental exam?  Take him to your vet.  Sometimes our pets dental needs are too extensive for us to handle.  Once your pets get a good cleaning and dental exam it makes it actually possible to maintain your pet’s teeth on your own.

2.    Make it a routine.  Make a point to get into the habit.  By making the routine of brushing your dog’s teeth with special toothpaste for dogs you’re less likely to have to pay a hefty vet bill.

3.    Give your pet a chew toy.  Pet’s teeth are gentle just like ours and chewing on hard objects can cause breakage and/ or cracks and trust me a chew toy is a lot cheaper than paying for your pet to get their teeth fixed or even pulled!

4.    Make sure your vet checks.  When at your pet’s checkup be sure that your vet checks up on your pets teeth as well.  An annual checkup keeps your pet from having more problems in the future.

5.    Start as a puppy.  Starting your pet early helps them to be more comfortable and cooperative when they are receiving a cleaning.

Keep an eye out for serious dental problems.
•    Bad breathe
•    Pawing at the mouth
•    Excessive drooling
•    Change in eating
•    Missing, broken or crooked teeth
•    Discolored teeth
•    Swollen, painful, bleeding gums or bumps and growths.
•    Tartar along gum line

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