Tidy Cats Need More Than the “Right” Kind of Litter.

by Jenny Eder on June 6, 2011

in Cat,Pet Tips

Is your cat not using the litter box? Despite the fact that the solution to this problem is easy it is the most common problem with most cats according to vets.  Here are some easy tips for making sure that your cat uses the litter box instead of your things.

1.    Keep the litter box clean.  Cats are highly sensitive to smell and just like you avoid it they will too.  Scoop the litter box daily to keep the litter maintained and empty the box once a week.  When you empty the litter box make sure you DO NOT use heavy cleaners.  Use warm soapy water and then rinse well.

2.    Try to use the same litter.  If the litter works use it. Cats like familiar smells and don’t like change.  If you have to change the litter and your cat does not like it than try sprinkling some of your old litter on top.  Eventually your cat will get used to the smell and won’t even notice the change.

3.    Stick to the rule.  Most experts say that there should be one litter box for each cat and an extra for good measure.  Cats often don’t like to share and need options if the one nearest to them is occupied.

4.    With multiple litter boxes it is important to spread them out.  Litter boxes close to one another are confusing to a cat.

5.    Take the cover off.  The cover traps smells and makes it difficult for your cat to see what is going on around them which is important especially if there are multiple cats in the area. No one likes being walked in on and neither do your cats.

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